The boy with the Ice blue eyes

To the boy with Ice blue eyes.

When I saw you from across the room I thought dang he’s hot!

I didn’t think I’d be talking to you that same night. When I first gazed into your eyes you set my soul on fire. We joked around and had fun. You put your arm around me to protect me from the mosquitos when you found out I was allergic to them.

After we finished talking I missed you, even though we just met.

To the boy with the Ice blue eyes

I can’t get you out of my mind, I can’t stop the nausea in my heart.

Stop playing mind games. I know you feel the same.



They say a dog imprints on you. Your his whole heart, His whole world. He does everything to make you happy. And you never realize how much you had till he’s gone. When your world comes crumbling down. it turns out that he’s imprinted on yours heart forever.

Journey jam

We all graduate (or at least most of us) in just 2 weeks. We look down the road at what the future holds. scared but excited. just like a journal jam we need to take the walk to the podium alone. But when you get there and begin to share, we are joined together with everyone else like us. the journey is never walked alone forever. You have constant support to guide you.


Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, magenta, turquoise, sea foam green. Dogs can only see yellow, grey and blue but can’t see red or green. I’m jealous of the mantis shrimp because he can see more colors then me and I’m frustrated because it’s impossible to imagine what beauty that color holds. After all it’s impossible to imagine a new color we’ve never seen.


Stay out of by bubble! 6 inches away is 6 too close! I need room to breath, to think, to dream. I got lost in space once, but not the kind you’d think. It was your eyes. I’d gaze into them, feeling lost and hopeless with no way out. You kinda ruined things for me… drawing me close, flirting. I fell for you. Hard. But then one day you just stopped talking, stopped looking at me in the way you once did. All communication cut off and you left me wondering why! Was it something I did? When I finally started to feel better it was months later, only now when I see you in the halls we exchange glares. I don’t hate you but it’s just a knee jerk reaction. And it’s because I let you get too close! How could I be so stupid?! Thinking that you cared! It’s ok because now I just need

S. P. A.C. E.

This is me.

Hi. I wanted to do something spontaneous, but senioritis got to me and I’m not that motivated. I also don’t have much time to do said spontaneous thing so imma just show you some cool pics.

This is my eye color. It changes from day to day but this is the norm.

I’m over 1/2 Scottish

Regular playing cards, not metal ☝️

And last but not least a photoshop error that makes it look like my ancestors are haunting me for something stupid I did.

Anyways, my name is Sadie Duty and I am Mist E. Woods